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New Syntax Highlighting Colors for Coda

added on Saturday, May 05, 2007 10:17 am

Since its release a few days ago the web development app Coda is causing major ripples. A phantastic piece of software, but I was never a fan of the default colors they chose for the syntax highlighting in the code view. Fortunately they made the colors customizable and added save and export functionality. So I changed them. You can download the new color choices I did for PHP-HTML, HTML, CSS and XML code:

How to

Download Coda-syntax-highlighting-colors-tint.de.zip

Download the zip file above and decompress it. Go to "Coda > Preferences". Choose the Colors tab and use the Import button on the bottom left to load the color file for the language you need.

These colors are only for the the "inverted" view, so please make sure the check mark is set at "Use Inverted Colors" on the lower left. I prefer coding with bright text on black, because I find it easier on the eyes on a glowing screen and the colors are much easier to distinguish. It takes a little getting used to, but I highly recommend it.

Coda preferences window

Languages covered

The color choices for these four languages are covered in the download:

Screenshot of HTML-PHP syntax highlighting

Screenshot of HTML syntax highlighting

Screenshot of CSS syntax highlighting

Screenshot of XML syntax highlighting


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