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This is the online sandbox of Tilman, a designer working in and living near Nuremberg, Germany. I post a new minimal geometric composition each day to Geometry Daily. Please say hello. You can also find me on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Flickr.

The story behind the Geometry Daily shirts

added on Wednesday, Aug 14, 2013 21:16 pm

The first two Geometry Daily t-shirts are available! Here is the story how this all came together. ¬ Comments

Geometry Daily 2012 - The First Year

added on Sunday, Apr 21, 2013 23:06 pm

It is about time I write a bit more about Geometry Daily here. This is an in-depth look behind the scenes, a round-up of the first year. ¬ Full Entry

Geometry Daily speed exhibition on Friday!

added on Saturday, Oct 06, 2012 22:45 pm

The Warriors (where I work) are holding a very special exhibition project: The weekly speed exhibitioning. 12 artists will create one exhibition wall each, shown over 6 weeks. I have the honor to be one of them.

A large wall full of Geometry Daily prints will be on display on Friday October 12 and the following Saturday at the Nordkurve, Rothenburger Straße 51a in Nuremberg.

It‘s also a party with drinks, DJ and a happy crowd. If you can make it there, please come over. Let‘s discuss some in-depth geometry! More info on the website. ¬ Comments

My Geometry Daily Workflow

added on Friday, Aug 31, 2012 22:29 pm

After eight months and 240 posts it is about time I start writing about what happens behind the scenes of Geometry Daily. Many were asking about my workflow, particularly how the vector images are processed to get that analog look. Here it is. ¬ Full Entry

Drawings by Nate Kitch

added on Monday, Apr 23, 2012 20:41 pm


The work on Geometry Daily gets me in touch with a lot of very talented artists and designers. Here is one of them: Nate Kitch, illustration student in the third year from winchester, UK, has some excellent drawings, compositons and photographies on his site. Keep an eye on this guy! ¬ Full Entry

Emergent Behaviour photo series by Thomas Jackson

added on Saturday, Feb 25, 2012 20:58 pm


Some beautiful sculptural composition going on in this mysterious photography by Thomas Jackson.

Meteor Photography by Thomas Brown

added on Friday, Jan 20, 2012 22:29 pm


It’s nothing more than crumpled paper. But it’s also shot and lit in a way that makes it so much more interesting.

Geometry Daily

added on Sunday, Jan 01, 2012 20:10 pm

I start something new today.

In 2012, Im going to channel my enthusiasm for simple graphics in a new on-going personal design project. Starting today I will publish a new graphic artwork each and every day. Each piece will be based on simple geometric shapes and composed in a rather minimal style. I set up a new tumble log dedicated to this project. It‘s called Geometry Daily, the URL is geometrydaily.tumblr.com.

Let‘s see where this will take us and how long I can hold that up! I‘m excited. See you over there. ¬ Comments

Triangles Wallpaper

added on Tuesday, Dec 06, 2011 20:32 pm

Triangles, lots and lots of triangles, in so many different colors! Download the wallpaper for your favorite device: Desktop (HD 1920 × 1080 px), iPhone, iPad ¬ Full Entry

Metamorphosen illustrations by Atelier Olschinsky

added on Wednesday, Nov 09, 2011 20:55 pm


Extremely detailed abstract digital free illustrations by this small austrian graphic design studio. Stay on their website for a bit, they have more gorgeous work there.

Wacom Inkling My hands-on experiences

added on Monday, Oct 24, 2011 23:02 pm

I had my Wacom Inkling delivered three days ago. It is an awesome piece of technology, blurring the line between analog and digital drawing. Still it is far from being perfect. A lot of people already asked me about it, so here are my real-life hands-on experiences. ¬ Full Entry

Lights Interactive Music Video

added on Wednesday, Oct 12, 2011 21:11 pm


Another one of those interactive music videos, we might be talking about a new form of art soon. This time it is a poppy electro anthem by Ellie Goulding that gets a OpenGL driven 3D visualization. You steer through an colorful abstract environment that adapts to the tune. The interaction is not very deep, but still an intoxication experience. Reminded me a lot of some designs by Universal Everything though.

Farewell, Steve Jobs

added on Thursday, Oct 06, 2011 10:49 am

¬ Full Entry

Living Room Songs by lafur Arnalds

added on Wednesday, Oct 05, 2011 21:45 pm

via livingroomsongs.erasedtapes.com

The best free music I heard since forever: lafur Arnalds creates and releases a new song, one per day for one whole week since Oct 3. The songs will be recorded and filmed live in the living room of his Reykjavk apartment and released instantly for FREE as streamed videos and MP3 downloads. It is mostly neo-classical melancholic instrumentals, with a little bit of electronica. Right up my alley. Above is day 2, “Near Light”.

Actelion Imagery Wizard

added on Wednesday, Sep 21, 2011 22:18 pm

Onformative from Berlin created this sophisticated visual language for biopharmaceutical company Actelion. Based on Processing, they built custom software tools to create the graphics for print media and animations for screens. Impressive!

Taking One Year Off

added on Friday, Sep 09, 2011 14:50 pm

Dear world, I would like to let you know: I take the next year off. I will be staying away from agency work at the Warriors from September 2011 to August 2012. Instead, I will be taking care of our two wonderful kids (2 1/2 and nearly a year old). Twelve months of full-time Dad duties! ¬ Full Entry

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